The N2D Method was created by Subsector to help solve some of the problems we encounter in our consulting work. Our hope is that a few short articles about the system's principles will make it clear how it might help you too.

The first principle is Customer Experience or CX.

Organisations are increasingly realising that if they don't meet the needs of their customers, those customers will go away, shortly followed by their organisation. Not all organisations have customers though. In the public sector citizens might be a better word. If you're in the business of sales you might dream of having customers when what you really have are prospects or leads. In healthcare we might have patients and in education we might have students and academics. You get the picture.

We like to think of them as "the people your organisation cares about". We use "customer" as a convenient if inaccurate shorthand.

CX, then, is the experience your customers have of your organisation, it's products and services, via any touchpoint or channel, at any stage of their relationship with you. That can be pretty daunting as a thought. In our experience many organisations simply don't know where or how to start being more customer-centric. We created the Method to help you focus on what matters most to the people you care about. According to many of the big-shots out there (like Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey etc) the ability to be customer-centric will be critical to whether an organisation succeeds or fails.

If you'd like to learn more about CX, here are some resources for you:

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