This is the third principle, focusing on The People You Care About.

Organisations use a wide variety of methods for describing the people they care about most. Sometimes these are fairly useless techniques like demographics. "We are targeting people aged between 18 and 34" is something many organisations say. As though all people of that age are to some degree the same. Similarly, many FMCG/CPG companies will say "we are most interested in Mums" as though all mums are somehow the same.

To get the most out of the system, try to group people by their behaviour or needs.

For example, a dance theatre might group people in the following way:

  • Fans of dance

  • People that are new to dance

  • The press

Some of the people in these groups might be mums and some of them might be 18-34. The point is that as a group they want different things from your organisation, regardless of traditional demographic distinctions. An important thing to note is that it is highly likely that some of the people your organisation cares most about actually work for your organisation!

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