Incorporating the "voice of the customer" (or the people your organisation serves or cares about most) is incredibly valuable. While we can't train practitioners how to conduct research, we can provide a few tips.

Qualitative Research

  • Interview at least 5 of each "customer" type

  • Open-ended questions, probing for JTBD

  • Create a code frame of JTBD from verbatim (you might try tools like SmartCoder to help with this)

  • Use this code frame of JTBD for a quantitative survey

  • Use the results as input for the Needs Matrix and Scorecards

Here's a useful article on the benefits and approach to qual research: Why Qualitative Market Research Belongs in Your Toolkit — and How to Wield it Effectively

This is an excellent breakdown of how GitLab conduct JTBD interviews.

Quantitative Research

When you have a code frame of JTBD, you can expand your base of respondents using a simple survey. Here is a sample template.

  • Q1: Which of the following most closely describes you? Populate this with your list of "customer" types, including an Other option

  • Q2: How important are the following to you? Populate with your JTBD list - ideally rate on a percentile scale but be very clear that choosing 0 means N/A (i.e. "I don't have this need/JTBD")

  • Q3: How satisfied are you with the way <organisation> is currently serving the following needs? Populate with the same JTBD list - rate on percentile range to make the analysis simpler

NB - when entering the results into the Method, you'll be entering a rough percentage. You can use whatever scale you want on the survey but you'll need to convert the total to a percentage eventually.

Research Tools

There are a wide variety of tools you can use to assist your research. Here's an excellent reference.

Feel free to contact us if you need support with research.

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