When using the Initiative Scorecard to prioritise specific ideas, tactics, features etc, you'll need to agree on some assessment dimensions and a key. The key is critical to consistent scoring.

We've seen a wide variety of dimensions used: cost to implement, cost to maintain, time to implement, staff morale uplift, training required, the degree to which an initiative realises a particular brand value, investment longevity etc.

Whichever you choose, agree on a key before scoring. A few examples are presented below but you should confirm these with the participants in advance. These ranges will be different for each organisation.

NB: We use a 5 point scale where higher scores indicate a positive result and lower scores indicate a negative one.

Cost to Implement

3 = free (or already paid)

2 = 1 to 5k

1 = 5.1k to 10k

0 = 10.1k to 15k

-1 = over 15k

Time to Implement

3 = less than 1 week (or already done)

2 = 3 to 4 weeks

1 = 1 to 3 months

0 = 3 to 6 months

-1 = 6 months+

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