As with any software, bugs happen. Should you ever need to report a bug to us, this article has a few tips on how you can help us help you most effectively.

How to Contact Us

You can submit your bug reports via email by sending directly to [email protected], or you can also submit them via our support widget when logged in to

Either way, your bug report will end up in the right place.

Submitting Bugs

There are a few things you can do that will help us tremendously when responding to your bug tickets.

1. Tell us it's a bug and include a brief description in the subject

It's a little thing but it helps us spot these tickets in the queue.

2. Include a detailed description of the bug, along with the steps to reproduce it and what your expectation is for the correct behaviour

Here is a good example of a bug report:

  • Open a project containing a completed Needs Matrix

  • Navigate to JTBD section

  • Add a new JTBD

  • Navigate back to Objectives section

  • Then step through following sections until reaching JTBD section again

  • Newly entered JTBD is not present

  • My expectation is that the newly entered JTBD would still be there, allowing me to continue with the scoring process

Here is a not so great example:

"I was adding JTBD and it stopped working."

3. Include the Project Name and URL where you encountered the bug

In almost all cases, we will need to take a look at an example of the bug you're reporting in order to understand the problem. Letting us know exactly where the bug is saves us a lot of time when investigating.

4. Always send screenshots

Even if you don't think it requires it, send a screenshot just in case. This helps us get a better idea of what it is you're referring to exactly. If you have the means to take a screen recording of a bug, even better.

Troubleshooting Browser/Computer Issues

If you're having weird performance issues while using the software and you've had no communication from us announcing widespread problems, then it's likely that the problem is specific to your device.

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

  1. Clear your cache and cookies, restart your browser

  2. Test the software in an incognito (private) window (Guides for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE)

  3. Test the software in a different browser

  4. Open your developer console and see if you are getting any errors (Guides for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE)

Troubleshooting Device Issues

  1. Check your anti-virus or VPN to see if it could be interfering with the software

  2. Check any firewalls you may have

  3. Check your ISP status for any service or connection issues

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