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Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD)

This primer from The Christensen Institute, one of the JTBD originators. "People don’t simply buy products or services; they pull them into their lives to make progress. We call this progress the 'job' they are trying to get done, and understanding this opens a world of innovation possibilities."

This article from Harvard Business Review. Successful innovators identify poorly performed “jobs” in customers’ lives — and then design products, experiences, and processes around those jobs.

Alan Klement’s overview of two different interpretations. This article focuses on the two main interpretation of Jobs to be Done. Each has evolved in different ways. And as you will learn, they are also incompatible with each other.

Intercom’s excellent guide. Highly recommended, practical guide. This book offers tried and tested advice on how you should be thinking about business, growth and innovation.

Build Products That Solve Real Problems With This Lightweight JTBD Framework. This is the framework used by Facebook's New product Experimentation team.

Value Proposition Design - from the guys that brought you the Business Model Canvas. This book has loads of useful exercises relevant to the Method, plus several insights into different types of JTBD.

JTBD - Theory to Practice - from one of the early pioneers of jobs-to-be-done theory, Tony Ulwick

Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice - Clay Christensen, the foremost authority on innovation and growth presents a path-breaking book every company needs to transform innovation from a game of chance to one in which they develop products and services customers not only want to buy but are willing to pay premium prices for.

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook - Jim Kalbach wrote this while Head of Customer Experience at MURAL. Very accessible with useful guides for JTBD interviews and much, much more.

How to conduct JTBD interviews - a step-by-step guide from the team at GitLab.

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